One of the most unique services that Tygart offers is the remanufacturing or refurbishing of industrial equipment and parts for OEM’s and manufacturers. We started by providing basic parts cleaning, high pressure spray washing and sandblasting services but as the demand for value added services rapidly increased, we evolved into a turnkey service provider for many industrial clients. In fact, we not only save our clients’ money on the initial work, we continually identify additional parts that can be remanufactured for even greater savings.

Remanufacturing Services

Under the scope of remanufacturing, all of our core capabilities can be utilized, such as; parts washing, sandblasting, CNC machining, metal fabrication, welding, CNC tube bending and inspection. We provide a total service that saves you and your customers the cost of new replacement, and in many cases, saves valuable down time.

A typical remanufacturing process starts by inspecting each incoming component and benchmarking it against your requirements. Initial visual, functional and/or dimensional inspections can be performed to determine the scope of work and factors such as a core value and the estimated cost of repairs.

Large components are usually sent to our high temperature pressure washing bay to remove heavy dirt and grime. Once this process is completed, the components can be disassembled and separated into part types and then further cleaned according to material type, sensitivity or application. Visual and dimensional inspections can continue to be documented throughout this process.

Once parts have been completely cleaned and any problems identified, our fabrication and machining areas can repair or remanufacture parts to their original specifications. If needed, by utilizing our unique CNC tube bending capability, we can re-create any internal and external tubing lines that may have unique or unusual angles and shapes.

To further complete the process, our skilled team has the ability to reassemble your product. Provide us with your assembly instructions detailing criteria such as; condemning limits, items for discard or replacement, torque settings, fit, finish and clearance specifications and we can get the job done!

Lastly, whether your product is returned fully assembled or as individual components, we can provide you with various finishing options you may require. From protective coatings such as rust inhibitors, passivation and various platings, to final finishes like wet painting or powder coating, our experienced team can protect or restore the finish of old parts back to new. Assemblies and components are then inspected for quality and constancy and packaged for shipment back to our customers.

Tygart’s remanufacturing services offer significant benefits to OEM’s and Manufacturers including:

  • Extending the life of a part or component
  • Reducing replacement costs
  • Eliminating issues with parts that are no longer made or repaired
  • Ability to offer your customers a "rebuild option"
  • Outsourcing a detailed operation typically having to be done in-house
  • Minimizing OEM material handling and floor space requirements
  • Taking "the dirt" out of an OEM's facility
  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Countless other benefits
Remanufacturing Inspection